Why Citra?

We offer a range of properties, in a variety of locations, to suit different lifestyles.

Our vision is to provide a great rental experience in sustainable homes and communities.

What is important to you is what matters to us.

Improving access to good quality homes across Britain.

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Woman laughing while sitting on a deck chair in a garden surrounded by flower pots, planters and plants

Citra Values

  • People

    We put our customer and colleagues first to deliver positive social impact.

    We want our customers to put down roots and feel safe & secure in their home.

    For our customers peace of mind, we offer flexible tenancy lengths to suit their needs.

    Our customers can trust us to be a fair and reasonable landlord.

  • Places

    We are committed for the long term, creating well designed places that enable a planet-positive future.

    Improving the availability of good quality, sustainable homes across Britain.

    Helping to build communities where people want to live.

    We want to create collective pride in the place our customers call home.

  • Partners

    We will make a difference together through partnerships with strategic and SME suppliers.

    We work with Partners who share our commitment to sustainability to help deliver a greener future.

    We work with Partners who share our values and commitment to great homes and service.

    We can accelerate the rate of housing delivery and increase the number of homes built to meet local housing demand.